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Lilian & Sophie Bauchet - Beaujolais Plan B 2021

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A wine we got to know through the Not Drinking Poison blog by Aaron Ayscough. This sparked our interest because it's a wine made from hybrid grape varieties, in Beaujolais; Souvignier Gris and Muscaris to be precise. He planted 700 plants of the first and 500 of the latter on a disused tennis court next to his home in Beaujolais.

We love hybrid grapes because of the huge potential in sustainable viticulture that they offer for the future (we wrote an article on it too). This wine is therefore so interesting; it smells like many of the Dutch natural wines from hybrids that we know, yet on the palate it packs so much more of a punch then we're used to. To be honest, it feels like we're tasting these grape varieties for the first time at their (full) potential.

It's funky, pure, alive, very aromatic and at the same time as salty as a white wine gets. A must try for wine geeks like us.