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Château le Puy - Emilien 2015

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Few regions have a reputation as bad as Bordeaux when it comes to farming. It's one of the regions with the highest percentage of pesticide, fungicide and herbicide use. Not weird when you think that Bordeaux is a pumped-dry swamp (by the Dutch, of course) close to the ocean. Humidity is a constant problem.

Anyway, this doesn't go for Château Le Puy. Jean-Pierre Amoreau and his son Pascal are the 15th and 16th generation working the land here. They are working 100% (certified) biodynamic, only use native yeast, don't filter or fine and only use the bare minimum of sulfur. These are cult wines, especially in natural wine loving countries such as Japan. But it's not just cult, this is seriously delicious 'real' Bordeaux as well, coming from one of the best vintages ever for the region, 2015.