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  • Dassemus - Wilde Witte 2020
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Dassemus - Wilde Witte 2020

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Solaris, Sauvignac, Johanitter
11,5% vol
Brabant, the Netherlands


Dassemus is the first and only natural winemaker in the Netherlands! Located in Chaam, Brabant. Ron is making his wines in a beautiful old farm building located directly near his vines, most of which have been planted around 15 years ago.

All grape varieties are hybrids, meaning they are crossings of the well known wine grape varieties, with a small percentage of wild vines so that they are fungus resistant. Many see this as the future of wine, since they don't need any (chemical) protection against mildew or funghi.

The 'Wilde Witte' or wild white is a blend of Solaris, Sauvignac and Johanniter that was hand harvested, fermented on its native yeasts and have been bottled underfiltered and with no additives whatsoever.