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Domaine Kleinknecht - Muscat d'Alsace

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This biodynamic Muscat is subtle aromatically, pure and energetic. Fresh and mineral with a tonic-like palate, notes of green grapes, spring water, white lilies and underripe plums. Following a stuck fermentation this wine was left in take for 2 additional years before finally being bottled. There is stunning purity but it remains fragile as a whole, not intended to be left open but we immediately feel that what is offers is special. 

The Kleinknecht's farm just over 9 hectares, insisting on manual work and some tilling by horse rather than machine. The intention is to produce the best fruit, meticulous attention to detail and love for the craft make this possible. The art in winemaking is supporting the transformation of juice to wine and work in the cellar is one of maintaining whats already present. The wines of Domaine Kleinknecht capture the energy of place, a balance of nuance aromatically and a textural force.