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Domaine Plageoles - Terroirists Orange 2020

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Color: Orange
Country: France

A blend of primarily Muscadelle with other local varieties: Loin de L'oeil, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdanel and Mauzac Vert. Seasonally released the assemblage changes annually and so does the wine. The Muscadelle is macerated for 11 days and the rest pressed directly. The whole is aged in demi-muids for 7 months. The nose is rich and deep, on dry apricot, candied citrus peel, oriental spices. From the attack, the mouth is tense, slender, while displaying a dense, fleshy, velvety, with an aroma of resin, dried fruits and spices. Aromas and textures intermingled, with a persistence on dry apricot, orange blossom and curry.

Since 1805, 7 generations of the Plageoles family have been producing wine in Gaillac. They are deeply attached to the 2000 year old wine producing tradition of the region, the estate has constantly improved and refined its operation. They are champions of the winemaking profession and lovers of their land. They now farm an impressive 30 ha. planted on deep clayey-limestone. The region of Gaillac has highly diverse soil, microclimatic and varietal make-up. Much of the area has never been seriously devastated by Phylloxera.