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Foradori - Lézer 2021

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Teroldego, the grape brought to great heights by winemaker Elisabetta Foradori, is a powerful grape. Big, bold, dark colored and tannic. Lezèr is here to proof that statement wrong. After only 24 hours of skin maceration, this wine is right in between a light red and a rosé. But because it's coming from such a powerful grape there's enough happening here: cassis fruits, a nice structure and perfect balance. Lezèr means light in the local Dolomiti dialect, but we think 'laser' in an even better descriptor.

In August 2017 a rare wave of hail destroyed 40% of the Foradori harvest and gave them the opportunity to try something new. Lezèr is the product of experimentation with the grapes from the damaged Foradori vineyards, which would have been problematic for the usual long macerations. Dozens of different quick macerations were done in all the different vessels: clay tinajas, oak casks, barriques, steel and cement tanks. Lezèr is the coming together of all of these experiments.