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Frank Cornelissen - Munjebel BB 'M' 2018

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One of the most highly sought after wines in the natural wine world must be Frank Cornelissen's Magma. Well, here we have a rare and exclusive opportunity to try this wine for yourself. In some vintages (2008, 2010, 2018) the grapes don't achieve the level of ripeness Frank tries to achieve and a decision is made to not make Magma.

In stead, this 'M' is made. From the same magical vineyard, but slightly less (over)ripe than the Magma normally is. This also means that instead of the regular €275 per bottle, this bottling is somewhat more affordable. It is, however, just as rare. We could only get three bottles and the total production is 1904 bottles and 57 magnums. This is a rare, volcanic gem. Made from 100% Nerello Mascalese and at 12,5% alc, this is considered one of the best (natural) wines in the world