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Glow Glow - Muskateller 2021

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We'll leave the descriptions for the Glow Glow wines in the very capable hands of the winemaker:

"Muskateller '21 tastes like an isotonic drink. Due to an earlier harvest than the last two years, the wine dances and radiates even more. The variety is not known for high acidity, so matching the right moment for harvest is essential for this wine. 2021, the timing was just right. The acidity is more crisp which adds vitality to the romantic, yet serious aroma. Lychee, grapefruit and elderflower allure without being too loud or pandering. The ten days of maceration carbonique make it possible the capture the sensational aroma of the grapes. This year, the wine fermented in stainless steel, as the quantity did not match any of our wooden barrels, making this wine straight and clear. This wine is a true charmer."

Orange wine, 10,0% alc vol