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Glow Glow - Rot 2021

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We'll leave the descriptions for the Glow Glow wines in the very capable hands of the winemaker:

"Rot is the new addition to the line: A red counterpart to our Weiss. The cuvée is a combination of Regent and Dornfelder. This is real juice, fruity and fun with a tiny bit of bret that adds substance and a little edge. 

We were curious about what we can do with those two varieties that are (as we know now) so underrated. We decided to work with cold maceration in order to extract the full fruit flavors and to not go too high in tannins. We love the outcome and are excited that Regent can be so great, as we want to work more with fungal resistant varieties. 

And even though we did not have any loss caused by mildew, a lot of sorting went into the harvesting of these grapes, due to the suzuki fly - but it was definitely worth it! A translation of the vividness of the Weiss to a red version. To be served chilled. 

10,5% alc vol.