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Jonas Dostert - Chardonnay 2020

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Jonas Dostert is one of the young guns on the German wine scene, located in an unknown wine area called the Obermosel, close to the border with Luxembourg and about a 150 km from the better known Mosel area. The wines he creates are unreal and in a time of only dire stories about low yields and rotten harvests, Jonas Dostert is slowly taking over his father's domaine and creating a little more wine each vintage.

Awash with green tones, from crushed mint to green apple skins, tons of citrus, this is a lean and taut Chardonnay. It is profoundly clean on the palate, both searing and seductive, compact and faceted like all of Dostert’s wines. The élevage is again brilliantly done, providing just a bit more expansive, softness to a wine that would otherwise be almost too ruthless. This is so primal and elegant and fine, so raw and cooling and of the earth.