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La Stoppa - Ageno 2016

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Thé O.G. orange wine, by legendary natural wine domaine La Stoppa in Emilia-Romagna. The charming Elena Pantaleoni is the head of this icon of natural wine, creating sulfur free, organic wines since the 1990's. 

This wine is named after the founder of La Stoppa, lawyer Ageno, who was the first to believe and give value the great potential of this area. The only dry white wine of the estate, obtained after a long maceration from grapes of this hot and low yielding land. Malvasia di Candia Aromatica 90%, Ortrugo & Trebbiano 10%. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, aged in 40 hectolitre wooden tanks and in bottle for a time necessary, no filtration or sulphites added. Absolutely delicious, warm flavored orange wine.