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Maison Stephan - Côte-Rôtie Les Binardes 2018

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Maison Stephan is one of the most talked about domaines from the Northern Rhone at the moment. The winemaker, Jean-Michel Stephan, is a former student of Jules Chauvet, the godfather of natural wine from Beaujolais. Who taught the greats from Beaujolais, such as Lapierre, Foillard, Breton and others, about the possibility of natural winemaking without added sulfur.

90% Syrah & 10% Viognier, which was previously the Cuvée 'Nature'. 90% Côte Blonde under Tupin, 10% in Vernenay. The vines were planted 1986 - 1994 on terraced vineyards. Full schist and quartz soils. Fully vinified on stainless steel, zero sulfur at bottling.