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Markus Altenburger - Blaufränkisch Vom Kalk 2019

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Markus Altenburger readily admits that in his Austrian vineyards he prefers to do as little as possible: he lets his wines do all the work. The roots of the vines, for example, have to dig deeper and deeper into the barren flanks of the Leithaberg in search of food. Even during ripening and fermentation, Markus leaves all the work to the grapes. The result is therefore honest: natural wines that translate the terroir and the cool climate aspect through and through.

Blaufränkisch on lime soil is delicious. The Vom Kalk wine has a beautiful, dark ruby red color. Cherries and blackberries jump out of the glass and are supported by some spiciness, without dominance. This wine is characteristic yet very accessible and can also handle many dishes with its fraîcheur, structure and weight.