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Philip Lardot - Der Mönch 2020

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A new cuvée by Philip Lardot, made from part of the Klosterkammer part in St. Aldegund in the Mosel. Old and ungrafted vines, very steep, East-facing slopes create an intricate, light and almost mysterious wine with a huge potential. We love it.

Philip Lardot is a Finland born, Holland raised winemaker working the steep slopes of the Mosel valley in Germany. Most of all, a sense of Place-founder Markus has been hanging out with Philip since 13 years old. Ever since harvesting together at Clemens Busch in 2013, Markus has seen Philip grow into his role of becoming a true Mosel winzer (vineyard dog and all). After staging in the Loire and at multiple wineries in the Mosel he started creating his own wines since the 2016 vintage, later using the cellar at the renowned rebel Ulli Stein, for whom he is also the assistant winemaker. 

Philip employs his own style in making wine, creating Rieslings (and others) that are both completely unique + different and classic at the same time. Making non-intervention wines means that the wines will ferment dry and will undergo malolactic fermentations, reds of course, but also the whites. All indigenous yeasts in used barrels, with a little experimentation with concrete eggs and acacia barrels in the mix.

This all creates rich, voluptuous, serious mineral wines that show the full (and unique) potential of its place. Where the Mosel standard often means high acid, low alcohol, cleanly filtered wines, Philip's wines basically are the opposite. But at the same time, they might be the most Mosel possible, seeing that this is how the wines were made before modern techniques entered the game.