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Philippe Chatillon - Cotes de Jura La Grande Chaude 2017

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Chatillon founded his own domaine in 2013. The vineyards are located around the village of Arbois in Mesnay, matched by others is Passenans and Puits Saint Pierre in Chateau Chalon. The plantings are mainly on the Lieu-dit of ¨Les Nouvelles¨. He now oversees no more than 2 ha over 3 terroirs. Understood, thoughtfully chosen and brimming with quality.

Philippe demonstrates a devotion to winemaking ,handling every step of the process himself. The works in the vines is reflected in the cellar, it is incredibly tedious and passionate but he manages to make it look as if he were painting a picture rather than labouring.

This blend of trousseau and pinot has been cuved for three weeks, then pressed using a vertical press dating from 1860 and finally aged in barrels. But what breeding! This wine summons red fruits, liquorice, violet and gray pepper. It offers a pleasant palate, between roundness of the structure, sweetness and a slightly wild finish. A wine as powerful and warm as it is harmonious.