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Sebastien Riffault - Akmeniné 2017

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One of the best Sancerres we know, but also it couldn't be further from a typical Sancerre. Sebastien is still a young winemaker but his style of winemaking is already known as the 'methode Riffault', that's how unique these wines are. 

Late harvested, so late that some of these Sauvignon Blanc grapes have formed botrytis, also known as noble rot: even though these wines are completely dry, they have some of the flavors of sweeter wines: honeysuckle, white flowers, honeycomb and ripe grapes. In the case of this Akmeniné that means that 25% of the grapes have noble rot, in others even more. The wines are bottled without added sulfites and are as pure an expression as possible. What a wine.