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Stein - Ewald Elbling 2020

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Elbling? Elbling! The ancient grape variety from Germany, supposedly already drunk by the Romans in this area. It's the parent of Riesling and similar in many ways, but racier, thinner, sharper and rarer. This is a Grenzgänger by Stein, one of his natural wines. In this case he barrel aged the Elbling until it underwent its secondary (malolactic) fermentation. Making the wine a bit softer and rounder while its retaining its wild acidity. A great wine, especially for this price.

Named after Ewald, a 85+ year old sweetheart of a man that was still working this vines (on almost a vertical cliff) until last year. Ewald now finally retired and this cuvée was named after him. Unfortunately due to miscommunication, the 70+ year old vines that he tended his whole life have been ripped out, this is the last wine made from the parcel.