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Wijndomein Oude Waalstroom - 'Op Avontuur' Souvignier Gris Orange 2019

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What a discovery! Huib en Lotte rent out a luxurious tipi in the midst of their Dutch vineyard and that's how we discovered, to our shock, a natural winemaker we had never heard of. At only a one hour drive from our shop in Haarlem. 

Here they have one of the most radical, wild & natural vineyards we have seen, with fruit trees between the rows + even vines growing into rows of planted Willow trees. Mowing is done by scythe and sheep are free to roam the 2 hectares on the old Waal river banks.

This is a crisp, fresh and mineral orange wine from the Souvignier Gris grape, wild fermented, unfiltered, unfined and with a dose of <20ppm of sulfur. Delicious!