Anders Frederik Steen on natural wine: Let’s Eat the World We Want to Live in

Anders Frederik Steen on natural wine: Let’s Eat the World We Want to Live in

It’s comforting to find someone who shares your views on a topic as niche as natural wine and who is such an expert in finding the right words to express that view. The answers to the climatic challenges we face aren’t to be found in the future and aren’t to be found in human culture; to learn we should look back over our shoulder and at the source, mother nature.

That’s why I chose to share Anders’ writing word for word on why buying and drinking natural wine is a political choice and how it can cause a snowball effect of positive changes in our world:

An excerpt from Anders Frederik Steen’s new book Poetry is Growing in our Garden for Apartamento Publishers.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017. Valvignères, France.  
One of our wines should be called Let’s Eat the World We Want to Live in. I love when it becomes encouraging and motivating, something to guide, I believe that we can ‘buy’ ourselves the changes we want -politically- with our wallets, shopping baskets, and political attitudes.
Organic agriculture and sustainability are the answer to many of the problems we’re facing, to which we haven’t been able to find a solution until now. The answers to today’s problems don’t exist in the future; I think they’re to be found in the past.
For me, natural wine is a solution, a way to express possible solutions to the problems that exist not only around the world and in the environment but also in our bodies. So, when you drink natural wine , you take responsibility for the planet, for yourself, and for the people around you. You decide to support winegrowers wh aren’t working with chemicals in the vineyard, so it’s like eating organic and biodynamic.
It’s a way of giving back to nature what she’s given to us. For me, natural wine isn’t so much about sulphur and filtration but about taking a political standpoint and showing people that we need to change — and, more importantly, go back to where we started. In other words, the future is to be found yesterday.    
Anders Frederik Steen

Markus Praat, founder at ASOP Wines