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Foradori - Morei Teroldego 2020

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At the latest La Dive wine fair we had the pleasure to spend some time with Elisabetta Foradori, one of the most legendary natural winemakers in Italy, coming from the mountainous Dolomites.

The Teroldego "Morei" by Foradori is absolutely the Teroldego that most impressed us during our tastings as it represents in toto the soul of the earth from which it came and the unique philosophy of Elisabetta Foradori. "Morei" in local dialect means brown, dark and the grapes from which comes this fantastic Teroldego are just that: roots that sink in the pebbles and sand that led to the river Noce that give the wine its minerality, fabric, tightly woven that you would expect.

It is an alluvial plain formed precisely by the river Noce: four hundred acres surrounded by the Dolomites. Here the agricultural landscape blends perfectly with the forest and with the historical one; man and nature live in balance and Elisabetta has made this concept its natural trademark. Understand the processes of life, respect for biodiversity, to recognize that the grapes are what the earth has to offer.

And this conception we find in Teroldego "Morei" which gives immediately with a unique character and a mineral grain really interesting. Fruity and spicy, the "Morei" by Foradori is the soul of Teroldego, the soul of Elisabetta.