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Domaine de la Patelle - Le Kiosque VDF 2022

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One of the bottles we enjoyed most recently is this new discovery from the Jura. Le Kiosque is a 100% Chardonnay from Arbois vineyards, made by Thereau Pascal of Domaine de la Patelle.

It was fermented and aged in different vessels, come creative wine making:  36% in diamond shaped concrete, 28% in big foudres, 18% in amfora and 18% in barrique.

Aged for an extended period and bottled unfiltered, it delivers this typical Jura tension in the glass: starting off smoky and reductive, with behind the reduction a creamy and chalky Chardonnay, while with time it unfolds more and more towards this lightly oxidative, nutty aroma that just makes you smell your glass over and over. The winemaker said it’s even better on day two, but we never made it that far.

(pictured is Coup de Feu, we hope to update this picture soon)