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Les Vignes de Paradis - Un P'tit Coin de Paradis 2016 - Chasselas

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Coming from a wine-growing family for more than 5 generations, Dominique Lucas is a perfectionist and very discreet Savoyard winegrower, of Burgundian origin. The wines of this beautiful Savoyard estate are distinguished and sublime. This biodynamic grower creates pure, cristalline wines, with the typical freshness and low alcohol percentages of the Savoie.

100% Chasselas in a delicate and light style, beautifully crafted. We've self-imported the 2019 of this wine and when we found a few cases of the 2016 sitting on an importer's shelves, we couldn't help ourselves. Don't miss this, because we predict that in a few years these will be the wines people nostalgically talk about, "when Savoie wines were still available and somewhat affordable".