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  • Envínate - Benje Tinto 2019
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Envínate - Benje Tinto 2021

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Envínate is currently one of the wineries we are very enthusiastic about. A group of friends from all over Spain who got to know each other at the winery school befriended each other so well and were so aligned on how to make wine that they decided to do something bizarre and start a winery together. Despite the fact that their vineyards are located in Galicia, Almanse and Tenerife, thousands of miles apart.

This wine comes from Tenerife, made from 95% Listan Prieto and 5% Tintilla (yeah...). Comes from 1000 meters high vineyards on volcanic slopes really straight to the Atlantic Ocean (see photos). Non filtered, small oak barrels and no added sulphites. Envínate believes in light extractions of grapes, fortunately: the wine is a perfect play between fresh cassis fruit, against earthy flavors that clearly come from the volcanic subsoil. An extremely light color, but a fairly solid surface: perfect balance. Because the wine has good, fresh acids, we drank the bottle in no time at all, but this also goes very well with lamb, an intense mushroom dish or even a hearty grilled fish.