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17-4 | ASOP Wine Class: Wine Regions France

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We're doing something new now, taking it a little step back and zooming a little out. We have been zooming in on particular wine regions or grape varieties for a while now. Now we go bigger and tackle an entire country in one night. Instead of 8 Muscadets, we taste a wine specific to each of the famous region in that country.

ASOP Wine Class

During this tasting we will walk you through French wine and everything that makes it special. We will talk about the different styles, the history and notable producers. We will also discuss natural wine making and food pairings, but mainly focus on clear example of the regions where they are from.

The tasting will include 6-8 wines.

We will start at 19:30 until around ten and includes cheeses and bread. A total of 15 tickets will be available.

Date: Wednesday April 17th

Time: 7:30 - 10PM

Address: Willemsstraat 141 (Jordaan), Amsterdam