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19-6 | ASOP Wine Class: Riesling

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Riesling, one of the quintessential grape varieties in the world of wine. And one that happens to be a personal favorite as well. Join us on this Wine Class focused purely on the grape variety in all its versatility: Riesling

ASOP Wine Class: Riesling

During this tasting we will walk you through the grape variety and all the different styles out there. This tasting coincides with the new release from young guns such as Julien Renard and Philip Lardot, while at the same time we will taste classics such as Keller, Schloss Johannisberg and others. This night will focus on a combination of the new school and the old school, natural and classic.

The tasting will include 6-8 wines, bread and cheeses.

We will start at 19:30 until around ten. A total of 15 tickets will be available.

Date: Wednesday June 19th

Time: 7:30 - 10PM

Address: Willemsstraat 141 (Jordaan), Amsterdam

* because of the preparations and special wine purchases, orders cancelled less than 24 hours ahead of the event can not be refunded