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20-01| ASOP Bring Your Own Wine (B.Y.O.W.)

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The return of the BYOW🍷 Here we go, second edition! The first edition of BYOW was a blast, we tasted a very wide range of very different wines and loved the conversations around the table.

The idea: the name says it all. We have been told so often by people that they have this one special bottle at home they don't know who to share it with. Or that they have a bottle too intense to drink with two people. Or they just prefer drinking with like-minded folks. 

So this is exactly that. We host the space and the glasses and buy some cheeses + bread, you bring that bottle that you always wanted  to share with someone. You are of course welcome to buy a bottle in the shop and share that. Price or naturalness does not matter, bring whatever you feel comfortable with. For questions, email

Saturday January 20th: 7:30-10:30PM

Willemsstraat 141, Amsterdam